5 Cheaper Alternatives to Unbounce (That Work!)

5 Cheaper Alternatives to Unbounce (That Work!)

  • Launchrock observes current landing page standards, offers no A/B testing, but is completely free.
  • Leadpages is the most established alternative to Unbounce and it’s priced at $67/mo. with split testing.
  • KickoffLabs has a $99/month plan for agencies, and they offer landing page setup support from the app’s founders, as well as highly customizable form building.

It’s hard to believe that anyone could compete with Unbounce’s massive market share, in the world of Landing Page creation. The software completely revolutionized an aspect of online marketing, which used to take dozens of hours of coding, in the pre-automation era.

To cite coder, entrepreneur, and education-based online marketer Rui Zhi Dong, nowadays you can get a professional-looking commercial website up and running in 10 to 20 minutes with landing page creators: 10 seconds for the opt-in page and 10 minutes tops for other pages (webinars, confirmation, thank-yous, sales pages, etc.).

And, of course, Unbounce has often been cited as the top tool in this sense. Far be it from us to negate all its advantages, but this is a tool that costs $99/month for under 25,000 visits. And that’s just for one domain! Add another one and you’ll be upping your bill by a hefty $60/year.

“Surely others have noted this issue before, right? I mean, there have to be alternatives that do at least a comparatively good job—but for a fraction of those enormous costs!”

If that semi-desperate marketer above sounds anything like you, you’re in luck. Here’s our list of the top 5 landing page creators that work a lot like Unbounce, but won’t put you out of business once you tally up the costs.

5 Cheaper Alternatives to Unbounce

Here’s a comparison graph from SoftwareAdvisor.co, ranking the best landing page creators, as of February 2014. They took into account: pricing, popularity (Alexa rank), viral loop creation abilities, split testing, form building, and analytics.

Image source: softwareadvisor.co

5. Launchrock

Launchrock is one of the best alternatives to Unbounce

Image source: launchrock.com

Features: It doesn’t take much to figure out where Launchrock.co stands on this market. They’re free and the tool only comes with the basic functions you’d expect from today’s standards. As such, don’t come in all high and mighty, with expectations of referral behaviour analytics, or sophisticated form creators. What Launchrock can do is a good enough job, no split testing included—but don’t knock this, either. Seeing as how they’re offering everything for free, they’re an interesting contender to watch for the future.

Price: Free (but with a mandatory Launchrock logo on your landing page)

Website: launchrock.co

4. Leadpages

Video source: leadpages.net

Features: Here’s a fairly popular alternative to Unbounce, with plenty of users to stand as a competitor. The tool does its fair share of useful stuff, like placing no limit on A/B testing and traffic distribution. It also has a form creator, but this lacks some of the more common customization features present in other tools, as well as an analytics function (which, however, doesn’t track referrals). In terms of social sharing, nothing much is offered aside from the standard buttons—but, in their defence, they do include a great Facebook landing page creator.

Price: $67/month with the A/B Testing Module; $37/month for the Standard Plan (A/B testing not included)

Website: leadpages.net

3. Instapage

5 Cheaper Alternatives to Unbounce

Image source: instapage.com

Features: By and large, this is one of the more affordable page creators out there—with the amendment that it doesn’t excel at any particular feature. Social sharing doesn’t include viral loop creation, the builder is good, but not too sophisticated, and analytics don’t include traffic referral behavior.

Price: free for one page and 100 visitors; $14/month for 500 visitors; $29/month for 5,000 visitors; Agency plans cost $79 and $179.

Website: instapage.com

2. Lander

Cheap Alternatives to Unbounce

Image source: landerapp.com

Features: Here’s another up-and-coming, very affordable tool. It excels at social sharing (though viral loop creation is not supported) and split testing includes traffic distribution (but is limited to 3 variants). One plus for Lander goes to their highly advanced builder, which allows a lot of customization, including moving elements around on-page.

Price: free for 500 visitors, but no custom domain included; $25/month for the Mini plan (1,500 visitors).

Website: landerapp.com

1. KickoffLabs

KickoffLabs is one of the best cheap alternatives to Unbounce

Image source: kickofflabs.com

Features: KickoffLabs may not have the most sophisticated landing page builder under the sun, but the one they do have is very user-friendly. Then, the social sharing widgets and viral loop creation capabilities of this tool clearly surpass others. The analytics feature is also very powerful, with referral tracking included. Interestingly enough, Kickoff Labs doesn’t include any split testing tool of its own—instead, it advises users to opt for VWO as a complementary tool.

Price: $29/month for the Starter plan; $49/month with email marketing tools, 5 domains, landing page setup support, and social network Magic Contact tool; $99/month for agencies.

Website: www.kickofflabs.com

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