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11 Little-Known A/B Tests That Can Give Bang Out of Your Bucks

by Admin | Web Usability |

If you want to get maximum bucks out of your current traffic, then you need to start doing A/B tests right now. Guys like Neil Patel at


Usability Vendor Checklist: 4 Essential Things to Ask Your Potential Vendor

by vendor | Intranet Design |

57% would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site. 40% have turned to a competitor's site after a bad mobile experience. 23% of


How to Implement Intranet Task Testing

by vendor | Intranet Design |

Bauer Media has seen 69% of all questions intranets receive feedback from a variety of departments McKinsey estimates that by adopting

15 Best SharePoint Website Designs for Inspiration

15 Best SharePoint Website Design Examples for Inspiration

by vendor | Intranet Design |

78% of the Fortune 500 use SharePoint on their Intranet 1 in 2 corporations uses SharePoint. 22% have all employees using the tool Only

Best Intranet Bench Marking Metrics

Best Intranet Bench Marking Metrics

by vendor | Intranet Design |

According to a Forrester Research study at surveyed US information workers in 2009, 65% use the intranet at least monthly - 43% access the

7 Ways to Benchmark Your Intranet Performance7 Ways to Benchmark Your Intranet Performance

7 Ways to Benchmark Your Intranet Performance

by vendor | Intranet Design |

93% of employees prioritize new communication tools rather than the same old meetings. 66% of engaged workers work in a healthy culture


How do i select participants for my focus group?

by Admin | FAQs |

Select people who are: Typical of your audience (the same behavioral, demographic and psychographic characteristics). You may want to conduct


Can i send the focus group questions to my participants before hand?

by Admin | FAQs |

Quick Answer is No. Focus group are intended to be generative, spontaneous and inclusive in nature. If participants know the subject in


What is the required sample size for quantitative usability testing?

by Admin | FAQs |

Summary Focus Groups (Qualitative study) : Test at least 15 1:1 Interviews (Qualitative study) : Speak to at least 5 Surveys,

Singapore internet marketing experts recommend that you optimize the search feature.

Optimize the Search Feature on Your Site for 57.25% More Leads

by Arthur Yao | Information Architecture |

Optimize the Search Feature on Your Site for 57.25% More Leads Website visitors that use the search function only account for 13.8% of traffic,

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