Get 200% More Sales by Using this Multi-Channel Conversion Optimization Strategy

Get 200% More Sales by Using this Multi-Channel Conversion Optimization Strategy

  • Using Facebook Offers to track in-store purchase codes proved almost impossible for a campaign with 136,000 reached and $5,000 generated in sales.
  • Mobile responsive campaign landing pages targeted at 45,000 Facebook users generated over 200 coupon codes.
  • A tailored follow-up emailing campaign had a 5 to 10% better open rate than regular mass emails from the client.

Fact #1: New Balance sneakers have been all the rage for the past few seasons. You can spot them on the feet of hipsters and amateur athletes all over the world.

Fact #2: New Balance Chicago is a primarily bricks-and-mortar enterprise and a family-run business, who only gets a small cut of the brand’s global online sales income.

By putting the two above facts together, you can easily draw the conclusion that an online marketing campaign was of no great use to the business, since its goal is to increase in-store sales. Yet, as the data collected in the case study below goes to show, a multi-channel conversion rate optimization campaign was able to increase their sales by a whopping 200%, at only 50% the budget costs.

The marketing company hired to increase in-store sales, not online buys, via Internet marketing channels, used the following tools:

  • Targeted Facebook offers
  • Dedicated mobile landing pages from Unbounce
  • Personalized emailing campaigns

To achieve hundreds of great value, quality mobile leads, increase their emailing list volume, and track online coupon codes in-store, the company used a clever mix of digital marketing across several channels. In the following, we’ll outline the main steps they took – each with its respective results.

Step #1: Sales increase via Facebook Offers

The first step in the digital multi-channel conversion optimization campaign was based on highly targeted Facebook Offers, promoting a 15% discount for freezing temperatures. The reach of the Offers stood at over 136,000, 600 offers were claimed, and in-store sales increased to $5,000.

There was just one problem with using Facebook Offers: it made it impossible for the marketers to track the discount codes used in-store. Facebook does not disclose user email addresses or names, so their best bet was to track the use of the unique codes by relying on the store clerks and customers.

Using Multi-Channel Conversion Optimization Strategy you can get 200% more sales

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They were only able to track 32 purchase codes for this first leg of the campaign. This made the data insufficient to continue optimizing conversions.

Step #2: Redirect Facebook clicks to custom mobile landing pages

The second problem with Facebook Offers was that it required the marketers to redirect users to a dedicated landing page. But, of course, they couldn’t redirect to the main New Balance site, since that would’ve increased the likelihood of an online purchase.

The third issue was that most of the ad clicks on Facebook originated on mobile devices, so any potential landing page created for each campaign had to be responsive, as web design Singapore pros know.

In came the mobile responsive landing page designs from Unbounce. Here’s what the marketers did:

  • They created customized landing pages for in-store purchases, by copying the national New Balance site, and then tweaking it to promote offline sales, with loads of info on where the stores are, Google Maps directions, contact details, business hours, etc. They also added details on in-store bonuses, like the custom shoe fittings at New Balance Chicago.
  • They created highly-targeted Facebook ads. The first one specifically targeted US military veterans.

Get 200% More Sales by Using this Multi-Channel Conversion Optimization Strategy

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The targeted audience for the ad campaign included 45,000 users. The campaign generated 200 purchase coupons, dispatched to the leads via the email addresses they provided on the tailored landing pages.

Step #3: Follow-up email campaign for coupon code claimants

The dedicated landing page strategy, which the marketers continued to use for subsequent campaigns, managed to increase the New Balance Chicago mailing list by 10% in just 2 months. As such, a follow-up campaign reminding those who had claimed the coupons to actually use them in stores was in order.

The Unbounce landing pages were linked to the respective email marketing campaign accounts on MailChimp/Constant Contact. According to the campaign results, these emails had a 5 to 10% higher open rate than regular New Balance Chicago emailing. This, in turn, added a lead gen element to the campaign, which the client was extremely happy about.

Multi-channel optimization help this company increase their sales by 200%

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Subsequent tweaks to the landing pages managed to increase landing page conversions by 5 to 10%, which also usually upped sales volumes by similar margins.

At the end of the day, the bottom line couldn’t have been any happier, for both the digital marketers and the traditional bricks-and-mortar business. By the final day of their first multi-channel conversion rate optimization digital campaign, they had increased sales by 200%, with only 50% of their typical marketing budget expenditure – and that’s certainly no small feat!

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