How to Improve UX & Conversion Rates with These 3 Tools

How to Improve UX & Conversion Rates with These 3 Tools

  • MouseStats is an affordable tools with live session recording and sophisticated heatmaps.
  • Naview allows you to optimize user experiences by editing your website navigation structure based on real-time user response.
  • UsabilityTools is an enterprise-targeted app with pricier plans, but also with sophisticated tools for user experience designers and split testers alike.

Conversion rate optimization is a universal goal in the world of online marketing, but sometimes this effort can feel a lot like taking stabs in the dark. Luckily, the 3 User eXperience design tools presented below can make your life as an Internet marketing Singapore professional somewhat easier.

These tools will provide you with a lot of feedback and data from actual visitors and, in turn, allow you to spot problem areas and improve them for better conversion rates.


Improve UX & Conversion Rates with MouseStats

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Visitor session recording. Ever wished you could see every single interaction that each unique visitor has with your website? MouseStats enables this by literally incorporating a live recording function into your website. It’s Angular Js-, Ember Js, and Ajax-compatible and you can take it for a spin with the live demo on the product’s website.

Heatmaps of all kinds. And if live recordings aren’t enough, MouseStats also comes with a collection of heatmaps, for tracking mouse clicks, eye movement, attention, areastats, and user scrolling. Bonus: you can also create your own personalized heatmaps.

Micro-surveys. One of the best ways to learn what your users want, what they think, and how they feel about your website is by asking them. This app allows you to integrate fully free, multi-site microsurveys with multiple choice questions, but also with fields for open answers.

Form analytics. Feel like you’re losing website visitors in the form stage of your sales funnel? Now you can analyse their behaviour with this app’s metrics collection and data analysis tool.

Pricing plans

  • Free. Email registration only, no credit card required. Includes 100 recordings per month and stands as a free-for-life plan.
  • $16/mo. Includes 5,000 recordings, but limited domains and URLs.
  • $30/mo. Includes 15,000 recordings, but limited domains and URLs.
  • $70/mo. Includes 50,000 recordings and unlimited domains and URLs.
  • $120/mo. Includes 100,000 recordings and unlimited domains and URLs.


Improve UX & Conversion Rates with Naview

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Menu creation without any coding. All you need to do is copy/paste a structure into the app, directly from a spreadsheet or text file, in order to get a live simulation of your drop-down menus.

Interactive navigation reviews. The site structure can be iteratively updated and allows you to store several versions at the same time.

Several views of your site structure. You can visualize it as a vertical menu, a horizontal menu, or a classical sitemap—and you can also freely alternate between views.

Test and assess the structure yourself. In Naview, you can isolate the structure of your website, so your users can test it in a distraction-free environment. The usability testing is, of course, dynamic, and controlled by you.

Pricing plans

  • Includes 2 navigations, a 2 question trial survey, but limited preview abilites, and no sharing or exporting.
  • Starts at $39/mo. Includes 5 navigations, a 2 question trial survey, menu and sitemap preview modes, sharing and test result text exporting. Best for small and medium sites.
  • Starts at $89/mo. Includes 20 navigations, 5 surveys, menu and sitemap preview modes, sharing and test result text, Excel, and Omnioutliner exporting. Good for big websites and intranets.
  • Starts at $119/mo. Includes 20 navigations, 20 surveys, menu and sitemap preview modes, sharing and test result text, Excel, and Omnioutliner exporting. Suitable for enterprises.


Improve UX & Conversion Rates with UsabilityTools

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UX Suite

Organizing information architecture with the aid of cards. Drag and drop website elements in card format and ask your users how they ought to be arranged in order to make the most sense to them.

Remote usability testing. Create tests based on specific situations and scenarios and redesign user experiences without any prior knowledge of coding.

Design and content testing. First impressions matter, especially when it comes to visual elements, but also in other areas of marketing content creation.

Surveys with millions of respondents. The amount of data you can collect through UsabilityTools is massive, since their pool of respondents counts over 10 million people. You can recruit them yourself, through various methods, and get real-time answers to your design questions.

Conversion Suite

This newer suite in the UsabilityTools feature plan has been added in order to allow the app to compete with newer tools, such as MouseStats. Given its more recent status, stability issues are known to still crop up.

Click heatmaps. Standard heatmaps, which chart what elements get the users’ attention, how they move their mouse cursors, and more.

Session recordings. Full playback of all mouse movements and keystrokes.

Form optimization. See if your form design is causing lead losses.

Pricing plans

Registration is free on the website and, in return, you get access to a live demo of the app. If you’re interested in a full pricing plan, for either one of the product suites, you can always ask for a quote via this contact form. According to several online reviews, prices start at $199/month.

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