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IPHost Network Monitor includes an add-on product for end-to-end monitoring of web applications and e-commerce web sites – Web Transaction Monitor. This tool simulates the steps of activity of a real user of web application or e-commerce site customer. With Web Transaction Monitor you can check

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A website monitoring and escalation service that lets you be the first to know when your online service is

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Everyone with a website knows that, things can sometimes go wrong. Sometimes it is with the code, the server or the network. Uptime Robot is all about helping you to keep your websites up. It monitors your websites every 5 minutes and alerts you if your sites are down (actually, it is smarter,

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With Uptrends, you have powerful data gathering tools which can help you efficiently pinpoint the origin of a problem. Get complete control of your network device, server, and website monitoring data, with easy-to-use, highly customizable dashboards and reporting options. Uptrends alerts you when a

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Diagnose server issues from a single tab. Replaces all monitoring and log management services so you can pinpoint and resolve issues. Scalyr is your universal tool for visibility into your production systems, providing log aggregation, server metrics, monitoring, alerting, dashboards, and more.

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Pingometer is a service that monitors the uptime, downtime, and performance of websites. The monitor types include HTTP, HTTPS, RUM, DNS, ICMP (Ping), IMAP, POP3, SMTP, TCP, UDP, and Transaction. Our platform checks from locations around the world -- 24/7/365. If an outage occurs, it is confirmed

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Websites and web applications today are increasingly more complex and will break – you want to be the first to know. Pingdom checks that your website or server is available by automatically testing it every minute from locations all over the world. We filter out false alerts by double-checking

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Panopta provides advanced network and server monitoring for online businesses and service providers. Monitor uptime and speed on publicly accessible servers, or use our OnSight virtual appliance to securely monitor servers on a private network behind a firewall. You can also use our server agent to

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Monitor.Us provides total visibility from one easy-to-use dashboard, giving you complete data correlation and instant root-cause analysis. With our cloud-based, all-in-one dashboard, you can monitor your IT systems from anywhere - including your mobile devices. By maximizing time, you can take on

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internetVista offers a monitoring service for websites and other Internet services (email server, file servers, DNS servers, mySql database,...). Monitoring is carried out from 6 monitoring centres across the world. At the checking frequency of your choice, each centre will simulate a visit to your

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